YES! Sly The Traveller is once again back online.

My trip in 2011 has been a great success in my life; unforgettable moments that I shared with you, others that I haven’t shared yet and some… that I will keep for myself. ;-)

Was the trip what I imagined?

Not even close to what I imagined. It was even better than I expected

Was the trip what I wanted?

Not at all… Why?

Simple, I was hoping to visit a lot more countries than what I did, but rapidly, during my trip, I realized that I didn’t want to push things and I didn’t want to miss things that I really wanted to do or see.

But was I disappointed about that?

NOT AT ALL!!! I loved every moment of my trip from the beginning to the end.

Are my trips over now?

Are you crazy? Hahaha, no, far from me that idea. All opportunities that will be presented to me I will try to grab them and travel even more; in new places and even places I’ve already been.

Why places I’ve been alread?

Because the way I travelled, I never pushed to see EVERYTHING that had to be seen in cites I was; I was enjoying the moment and when I was feeling it was time to go, I was simply leaving.

“I will probably come back one day anyway” that I was telling myself.

As usual I’m sorry for my English since it’s not my first language and anyway my written French is not really better. ;-)

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